[IAEP] I would be able to help test if we did snapshots of current status of f12 sugar on a daily basis.

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Thu Sep 17 09:31:49 EDT 2009

I used to be able to help in testing when there was a daily snapshot to 
work on.

I can test in the following ways:

1.)VMWorkstation 6.5.3 on Ubuntu 9.04 Dell 520n PC
   (SCSI and IDE hard disk virtualizations)

2.) a dedicated Vista capable Hp laptop with hard disk removed.
    (great for dd burning of .img files and booting sugar snapshot CD.s)

Both are networked and on the internet.

These seem to sometimes find bugs and other problems not noticed using 
Jbuild testing.

Why did sugar labs discontinue daily snapshots?

Tom Gilliard

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