[IAEP] IAEP Digest, Vol 18, Issue 61

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Wed Sep 16 18:54:20 EDT 2009

> Subject: Re: [IAEP] Sugar evaluation and impact

With the struggle to to get small quantities of XOs into countries and
through customs and getting funding for hardware, Sugar on a Stick is
vital. It has helped us get information out and publicise the great
work going on in developing countries and makes it possible for us to
utilise existing hardware in schools.

We are giving out SoaS at Software Freedom Day - we have about seventy
USB keys that have been donated to us by Sun Microsystems for this

SoaS allows us much easier means of getting Sugar into government too.

We initially struggled to get SoaS working and found it hard to get
support from the community. Making SoaS an official project might make
this easier. It would also be good to have a a clear indication of
which is the best version for us to hand out to people (we chose
Strawberry) and which version we should only be testing with.

Wellington OLPC and Sugar volunteer group coordinator - http://laptop.org.nz

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