[IAEP] The Future of Sugar on a Stick

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Tue Sep 15 01:01:53 EDT 2009

Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:
> Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
>> So my vision is that this SoaS is actually *the* way of distributing
>> Sugar, as a SL product. If Sugar Labs doesn't think so, I'd have
>> preferred to be informed much earlier.
> I don't think you're likely to find much support for that vision as
> phrased.  I think this may just be a wording problem.

Yeah, maybe I should have phrased it differently.

> Some people here have distributed Sugar on hand-tuned hardware-specific
> customized disk images.  Some have distributed it using distro packages,
> to be installed directly on pre-existing Linux installations.  Some have
> built emulator images, installed, configured, and ready to run on any OS.
>   Some have configured Sugar to run on thick NFS clients, or thin LTSP clients.

I'm strongly encouraging things like "$DISTRO Sugar Spin", "$DISTRO 
Sugar Remix", "Sugar on $DISTRO" and all those other possibilities.

> SoaS is a great way to distribute Sugar, but it will certainly never be
> "*the* way", as long as all these other people are around, working hard on
> other distribution mechanisms.

But I think there's major difference if something is a way to distribute 
Sugar, or if it's the Sugar Labs way of distributing Sugar.

Martin explained & rephrased it very well in his last e-mail.


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