[IAEP] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.85.6 Development Release

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Mon Sep 14 02:40:46 EDT 2009

Dear Sugar Community,

This is the last development release in the 0.86 release cycle - see the 
0.86 schedule [1] for more details. Note, that we are one week away from 
our final release!

Please test the landed features [2] carefully (the individual Feature 
pages contain test cases). Please report any bug and workflow issue you 
find to get them in good shape for the final release. A friendly 
BugSquad [3] will be available to triage those bugs accordingly and the 
developers can never have enough bug food. If you have non-bug feedback 
about features you can use the sugar-devel mailing list to share it with 

* Compatibility
There are no known compatibility issues, as of today.
Update to this version

* Update to this version
Please use the instructions for your distribution (Fedora, Ubuntu, 
Debian etc) of choice to upgrade to this release.

Full 0.86 can be found at 0.86/Notes [4] soon.

On behalf of the sugar community,
    Your Release Team

[1] Schedule: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.86/Roadmap#Schedule
[2] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.86/Feature_List
[3] BugSquad: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad
[4] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.86/Notes


== Glucose modules==


== Glucose news ==
=== sugar ===
* Journal list view: jumping back to first page when popping up a 
palette {{Bug|1235}}
* Do not re-query if visibility wasn't changed {{Bug|1250}}
* alt key gets stuck in favorites view {{Bug|1311}}
* Hidden decorations of corner frame buttons {{Bug|1294}}
* Visual artifacts on highlighted frame buttons {{Bug|1285}}
* Journal title editing unexpected behavior requires two clicks to edit 
* Details dialog blinks while re-query {{Bug|1271}}
* Process non-ds object in the right way in Journal {{Bug|1262}}
* Show selecting status of favorite check box in journal list view even 
if "start" is prelighted {{Bug|1247}}
* Journal list view: jumping back to first page when popping up a 
palette {{Bug|1235}}
* Fix minor issues to cleanup sugar log {{Bug|1267}}
* Allow sugar on non-XO hardware to register with an XS server {{Bug|916}}
* Do not fail on tree-model switching {{Bug|1318}}

=== sugar-toolkit ===
* Palette isn't being closed after activating some kinds of sub-widgets 
* Palette will fail to open if you have just 'scrubbed' over some number 
of icons quickly {{Bug|1312}}
* Secondary toolbar widget should set a minimum height {{Bug|1304}}
* Activity entry icons in Journal should not be pre-lighting on rollover 
(fill/stroke colour reverses) {{Bug|1313}}
* Hide palette group before immediate popup {{Bug|1291}}
* Simple scheme for hiding ToolbarBox sub-palettes {{Bug|1300}}
* Stop all animators on poup/popdown invoking {{Bug|1310}}
* Show selecting status of favorite check box in journal list view even 
if "start" is prelighted {{Bug|1247}}
* Close previous palette on reseting palette property in invoker 
* Do not fail on immediate second palette opening for bottom icons 
* ObjectChooser displays USB media files, but fails to access file 
(datastore traceback) {{Bug|1241}}
* Fullscreen resizing issues {{Bug|1263}}
* Wrong calculated positions for palettes {{Bug|1268}}
* Primary palette redraw glitch after secondary palette exposed when 
rolling cursor between buttons {{Bug|1135}}
* Stop all animators while deleting palettes {{Bug|1265}}

=== sugar-artwork ===
* Wrong focus border in list view's title column {{Bug|1261}}

=== sugar-datastore ===
* Memory leaks after many get_properties() ds calls {{Bug|1240}}

=== sugar-presence-service ===
* Deal with unicode nick names (erikos) {{Bug|889}}

=== sugar-base ===
* ObjectChooser displays USB media files, but fails to access file 
(datastore traceback) {{Bug|1241}}

=== etoys ===
* fix saving issues under Sugar (thanks dgd)
* fix Save button balloon help under Sugar
* support publishing to squeakland gallery
* make look-like only available for SketchMorphs to fix various isssues
* show crosshair feedback during patch-grabbing
* no longer write out the gif thumbnail when saving a project
* send utf-8 to SuperSwikiServer
* adjust toolbar under Sugar (show Next button, hide Fullscreen button)
* add display-mode menu to the world's halo
* fix ctrl/alt shortcuts under Linux

== Fructose modules ==

* http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/fructose/Log/Log-22.tar.bz2

== Fructose news ==
=== Browse ===
* Able to download Data URIs {{Bug|1029}} (Lucian Branescu)
* Don't choke on Lang=C {{Bug|979}}
* Object chooser remains shown after activity has been closed {{Bug|1192}}
* Refine image and link right click palette {{Bug|815}}
** image: 'Keep image', Copy 'image'
** link: 'Keep link', Copy link', Follow link'
* Toolbars:
** Move the edit and view options of the toolbar to the left
** Fix session-bookmark button
** Center the address bar
** adopt to toolbar API change (expanded property is now 

=== Turtleart ===
* Fixed a problem with View Toolbar
* moved Samples to Help Toolbar
* some minor changes to fr

=== Read ===
* Migration to the new toolbar system (Simon)
* Updated translations (Arabic, Dutch, French)
* New languages

=== ImageViewer===
* Switch to new toolbar system
* Show transfer progress
* Updated translations for Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese
* New languages
* Do not keep on (re)loading the file continuously
* Misc. cleanups

=== Write ===
* Finished Toolbar redesign work

* Toolbar redesign
* New and updated translations

=== Log ===
* Toolbar redesign
* New languages
* Updated translations

* Toolbar redesign

== Fructose dependencies ==

== Fructose dependencies News ==

=== Hulahop ===
* [[Features/Tabs_In_Browse|Tabs]] support

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