[IAEP] sugar floppy... more details/video on usage or URL for description please

Dennis Daniels dennisgdaniels at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 12:41:17 EDT 2009

Can you video the process please? I am not sure I fully understand
what is going on... is the floppy pulling the Sugar off the web and
installing it on the HD? How are CDs involved?

> I tested this on the GPA computer lab computers. It takes about 1 more
> minute (4.5 vs 3.5) to boot.  I think that it will take more then a minute
> on average to give all the students CDs, have them open the CD drawer, turn
> off the computer, turn it on again and collect all the CD at the end of
> class so that the next class boots into Windows.  My plan is the floppies
> can just live in the machines, not pushed in all the way.
> The current version
> requires the user to press enter 1 minute into the process. Can we get
> a version that we just start the boot, then goto the rug for our
> lesson and 4.5 minutes later the machines are booted?
> Thanks!
> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM, Art Hunkins <abhunkin at uncg.edu> wrote:
>> With regard to Bill Bogstad's floppy boot disk project for SoaS: it works
>> flawlessly for me. (I've tried it successfully on both an older Windows
>> laptop and desktop - vintages: Pentium II/III.)
>> I've one suggestion for Bill: for use by children, I'd make everything as
>> automatic as possible. Either delete the display where the user needs to
>> make a choice (it's *way* technical and *I* didn't know what to do), or put
>> a (10"?) auto-timer on it so that it goes on through (the usual way)
>> without
>> user intervention.
>> For Windows people: I suggest creating the boot disk with RAWriteWin. It's
>> simple, user-friendly and efficient.
>> Great job, Bill.
>> Art Hunkins
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>> 7. Bill Bogstad has been working on a floppy boot disk for Sugar on a
>> Stick. See http://people.sugarlabs.org/~bogstad/floppy/ for more
>> details.
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