[IAEP] A video about a 1-1 Apple laptop middle school in NYC - School Surveillance and a discussion on Multitaskingr

Bastien bastienguerry at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 7 06:06:44 EDT 2009

"Benjamin M. Schwartz" <bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> writes:

> Dennis Daniels wrote:
>> That's one of the reasons I was initially attracted to Sugar in that
>> the peer networking was built in... please tell me that one station
>> monitoring of all students is built in as well.
> Nope. No monitoring built in.  However, I have recently implemented it as
> an Activity called "Watch Me" [1].
>> If it isn't then it
>> should be for the teacher's sake.
> 1.  As a technical matter, this is not so easy over a congested wireless
> network.
> 2.  We care much more about students than teachers.  Is it good for the
> students?

Who is "we"?  

I personally think this reasoning is very wrong.  I wish Sugar can be
developed in a way that "caring about the students" and "caring about
the teachers" are complementary challenges, not opposite tasks.

Everytime someone sees the teachers as a barrier to learning, he gives
credit to the illusion of spontaneous learning, and we loose the Sugar

Learning by oneself is very different from "spontaneous" learning, and
good teachers have a great expertise in guiding students throught what
they want or need to learn "by themselves".

In fact, "learning by oneself" should be considered kind of a tautology:
what we learn is what WE learn.

If the first learner was Menon, let's not forget he had a great teacher.

> In other words, Sugar's design comes from a culture with a deep distrust
> of authority figures.  I got my programming start by hacking my school's
> computer systems, and I'm sure the same is true of many other contributors
> here.  You will find plenty of opposition to letting teachers watch what
> students are doing without permission.

I don't think there is a relevant connection between dictatorship and
teachers monitoring their classrooms via the system Dennis is calling
for.  But maybe there will be a link between the lack of such system 
and the lack of Sugar in classrooms.



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