[IAEP] turtle art: 2 instances, no?

Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 07:09:39 EDT 2009

I can't see any way to load 2 instances on the SoaS version
If I have a project loaded, saved and named
Then go into the journal and try to load an older saved version then it
doesn't load but puts me back to the current open version
I have to first close the current version and then open the older version to
get it

Also if I am working on a project and remember an idea from a sample project
then I can't just load the sample view the idea and then quickly return to
my current project to implement there
I have to close current project, then open sample and view idea, then close
sample, then reopen current project, etc.

Please correct if I am wrong about this
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