[IAEP] real time training with screen sharing on your operating system of choice

Dennis Daniels dennisgdaniels at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 18:01:57 EDT 2009


Tested it today and though not perfect, there is a bit of lag on the
user side, but it's free and works out of the box on my Ubuntu 9.04.

Get an SME to agree to do a course about a Sugar activity, Etoys,
TurtleArt, etc. and put the word out among the admins at various Sugar
Labs to get THEIR users to log in at the right time... instant
webinar! It happens all the time in the Windows world, time to make
the same happen in the *nix world? Wouldn't that be sweet?!

Do we have any SMEs on the list ready to volunteer? I'm only passingly
familiar with Turtle Art (read: near zero) and the rest of the
activities but I'd be willing to do an overview course of Sugar if we
can get the users onboard. Especially around the XS server! (I've not
even seen that yet, is their a public admin view of XS server

Maybe set up a link to have users show volunteers at Sugarlabs the
problems they are having via Yuuguu or similar?


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