[IAEP] Afghanistan schools

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 09:25:20 EST 2009


Secretary Clinton said the following: "When Mr. Karzai first took
office in 2002, there were one million students in Afghanistan,
virtually all boys. Today, there are seven million, 40 percent of them
girls. She said Mr. Karzai deserved some credit for that, as well as
for other advances during his tenure."

I have no desire to debate the US political situation, or Mr. Karzai,
but I hadn't seen this very interesting statistic before, and was
wondering if anyone else had?

I saw elsewhere that over 44% of Afghanistan's population is 14 and under.

second link worth a read, poor parents scraping by to send their
children to school... "the one thing the state provides"

third link is N. Kristof's recent column about Afghanistan schools



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