[IAEP] ROFL from Uruguay

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 13:45:34 EST 2009

apparently these are some SMS and electronic messages sent by parents to 
teachers in Uruguay.  They are mostly untranslatable, not because they 
are in Spanish, but because they reflect idioms, values and the 
circumstances of people who leave deep in the countryside - the compiler 
is Oscar Cabrera, a teacher in Cerro Largo, which is almost as far away 
from it all you can go and still be in Uruguay.  A good "in" into that, 
and there are few of those, so enjoy!


this would be the original

notice the use of a Ceibal-partner blog site by the teacher, so count 
this as a win for Ceibal as teachers become communicators

a sample:

"Teacher:  I would want that if tomorrow y'all have singing because the 
teacher misses a lot, you won't let her sing because her throat hurts a 
lot, and that she don't go to PE because she has a bad ouchie in her leg 
because of a fall she had, do not let her play ball, neither let her 
drink cold water because her throat still hurts and don't send her to 
sit at the very back because she cannot see a thing and don't let her 
sit with Nelson because he steals her color pencils, or with Robinson 
because he eats her eraser nor with Ana because she teaches he bad words 
and least of all with Halizon because she's full of cooties and she will 
get them."

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