[IAEP] turtleArt and materials for education

roberto roberto03 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 13:34:46 EST 2009

Hello, i am about to start writing worksheet about possible uses of
turtleArt in math education.

I'd like to solve the following problems, otherwise i'll be able to do
nothing :)

- i've installed sugar on Debian 5.0 but, as you already know, a lot
of activities are missing; turtleArt is one of this, so i think i
cannot use it on my Debian (tell me if there is a workaround ...)
- is it possible to use t.A. as a standalone application on Debian or,
at least, GNU/Linux in general ?
- if the two roads above are unfeasible, then i'll switch to soas

thank you

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