[IAEP] Proposed meeting Thursday, May 21 at UTC 16:15 on #sugar-meeting for help with Sugar Labs, DC

Jeff Elkner jeff at elkner.net
Tue May 12 10:42:15 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I'm a High School (and now Community College) teacher at the Governor's
Career and Technical Academy in Arlington (
I've been a Free Software activist for 10 years, and have experience with
several small free software initiatives involving linking students to the
broader free software community (especially the Python community).  I'm real
excited about Sugar and Sugar Labs, since it is combines software freedom
with learning and education in a way no other project has.

I would like to build a project called, Sugar Labs, DC, that involves
students at GCTAA (and beyond) in creating software Activities for Sugar.
So far, I have two seniors, one junior and one sophomore involved in the
project.  We are not starting from scratch, since we have several years
worth of pygame project on which to build.  The two seniors already have
mentors, which is working very well for them.

At this proposed meeting I would like to answer any questions anyone may
have about our effort, get feedback on what we are doing (and thinking about
doing) and get help prioritizing our projects.


jeff elkner
open book project
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