[IAEP] versus, not

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri May 8 10:25:08 EDT 2009

On 08.05.2009, at 16:05, Kathy Pusztavari wrote:

> I'll have to admit I don't have much right to request, complain, or  
> even
> discuss.  If I don't get off my butt and program something myself  
> then I'm
> part of the problem.

I think you misunderstood Walter. You can earn community credit not  
only by coding. Many more things need "doing". Not to discourage you  
from programming, of course, but other skills and contributions are  
more than welcome, too. Its An Education Project, right? :)

- Bert -

> But I'll tell you, it is difficult to start in this programming  
> environment
> where the learning curve is extremely steep (coming from Oracle and  
> stored procedures).  I'm still trying to figure out WHERE to start  
> playing
> with Python let alone how.
> -Kathy
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Walter Bender
> We must engage teachers and learners even if we do not have  
> consensus on all
> aspects of learning theories, FOSS, or Sugar. Without the  
> engagement, we
> don't grow. Even more important, without the engagement, we don't  
> learn.
> That doesn't mean we don't have opinions or direction.
> We have a long ways to go and we need to keep debating as we go. But  
> also we
> need to continue "doing". And always be asking "Are there other ways  
> to
> approach this?" and "How might we make this better?"

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