[IAEP] web service maintainers need:)

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Sun Mar 29 20:24:29 EDT 2009

Is anyone looking for some interesting and vital web services to
maintain for Sugar Labs?

API.sugarlabs.org and pydocweb.sugarlabs.org need some love!

As we extend our focus from the Sugar Platform to Sugar Activities,
activity developer API become more important.

Good API documentation is very important for lowering the learning
curve for new activity developers.

Currently, Sugar Labs uses epydocs to rebuild the Sugar API
documentation which is published at http://api.sugarlabs.org/

Anyone interested in monitoring and maintaining this service?

The second service is pydocweb.sl.o.  Pydocweb is a wiki based method
of writing and maintaining python documentation.  Pydocweb works with
git to push and pull docstring edits to the git repository.

An example of pydocweb is at http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/Front%20Page/
.  If anyone is interested in helping, we can set up an instance for
Sugar Labs.  We had an instance a few months ago, but it did not
survive the move to Sunjammer.

The strength of both of these services is that they work directly with
the code.  The documentation is stored as python docstrings.  Thus,
the documentation is part of the code.  The tools just provide easier
interfaces for new users to work with the documentation.


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