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Sat Mar 14 20:08:29 EDT 2009

organizations to sell 'blocks' of ISBNs to publishers in different
geographicial regions.

In New Zealand the national library gives away blocks of ISBNs in
exchange for a donation of 2 copies of each book to the national
library.  Cost is the cost of printing and sending two books to New

In England the situation is similar.  Cost 6 is six books for various
English libraries.

In the US has exclusive rights to sell blocks of ISBNS.
Cost is about.
10 ISBNs  	$245.00
100 ISBNs  	$930.00
1,000 ISBNs 	$1,570.00


Purchase a block of ten ISBNs from bowker in the name of Floss
manuals.  This allows us to identify FM as the publisher not lulu.

Assign these ISBNs to new books as the come 'off the presses' as FM.

After the first ten ISBNs are assigned, reassess the situation.

If, this sounds reasonable, I'll buy the first block of ten in FM's
name to get the ball rolling.


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