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Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Tue Mar 24 11:18:08 EDT 2009

> I've discussed it a bit in #sugar, and have decided to start a new project,
> SoaS-emu <http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/soas-emu/>, with the goal of
> producing one-click installers for SoaS on workstations. For various reasons
> I've decided to use VirtualBox, mostly becuase of our ability to modify it
> without infringing on licenses. Soas-emu will, after the install has
> finished, have installed VirtualBox, the SoaS virtual disk image, and
> registered SoaS with VirtualBox. I'm also going to add a shortcut to the
> desktop which starts up a new window with the VM running inside it.

Great! When can I test? The teachers at GPA have macbooks and are chomping
at the bit to try out Sugar.

Can you also support a version suitable for computer labs that lets
different users use the same physical machine and all individaul files are
stored on the USB?

> Since VirutalBox has Guest Additions that are GPL (they provide non-GPL
> binaries), we can distrubute those preinstalled as well. These allow the VM
> network access, Rdesktop intergration, and seemless pointer movement (no
> need to "lock").
> As the SoaS build process is tweaked to produce VDIs (VirtualBox' prefered
> format), we'll also continue to produce VMWare VMDK appliances as well as
> raw ext3 images which can be used in QEMU, but I believe it is vitally
> important that there is a simple, point-and-click solution to the issue of
> demoing or trying out sugar which does not require configuring an emulator
> or mucking around with writing images to flash drives and the BIOS.
> I'm also in contact with Sun (who owns VirtualBox) and a third party
> company called MokaFive <http://www.mokafive.com/solutions/player.php>which has a solution to make VMware portable.

Interesting. How will MokaFive's solution work?

Would Sun and or MokaFive be interested in sponsoring/supporting the work in
the schools with USB sticks, equipment or volunteers, joint press releases
or even $?

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