[IAEP] Regarding adding PRINT Support to the XOs

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 11:42:23 EDT 2009


        I am Vamsi from India, and I'm trying to get into GSoC(google summer
of code ) this year, and I intend to add print support to XO laptops.

        We have a conflicting issue here, i.e To add usb printing directly
to the xos and support network printing , or not add usb printing and do
only network printing.

  This I speak in a general NON-TECHNICAL perspective.

 The first approach would have me require installing a printing tool(the
cups daemon) on the laptops, and due to certain constraints and GSoC being
two months, I can only add print support to      activities that require it.
The printing will be done within that particular activity, and there will be
an option to select either network printer, or local usb printer. There will
also be an activity in Control Panel to configure the printer or rather
select which one. As minimal options is best for the kids.

The network printing would be done the same way as on a normal network,
clients connected to a print server.

The second would give me and in-turn users more flexibility, that is the
print button in any activity would send a saved doc/image/ etc to the
journal, the user will be prompted with a notification, so as to send it to
the school server immediately or let it remain in the journal. if the user
wishes to send his requests in bulk, he can save all his work to the
journal, and instead of the generic groups in the journal, we will have a
new pending print requests group there. He can then go to the print queue,
and select files he wishes to print and send them for printing with a click.

The XS will have a background program which listens for requests. And when
requests come, a GUI will open with information regarding origin, file size,
type. The teacher can view the request, and print it if he/she deems it
appropriate. And send an acknowledgement back to the job originator that the
print has /not/ been done.

( I personally like the flexibity the second approach presents, most of
approach one is automatic, and print requests would have to be rendered into
A printable format client side only, making it impossible to view them on
the teachers school server)

And the second idea came into manifestation only after many have expressed
displeasure at having a print feature in the laptops, as many fear the
prospect of misuse, the kids would never consider all the predicaments
involved in printing, they would abuse paper for little settings, they would
print for every little thing they have done and will want to reward
themselves for the smallest thing.

AND, good news is I have fixed Write to export-to-pdf(it can save to pdf
now!) but sadly enough that cannot be reread by Write as of yet, so printing
a pdf from word is not possible through method one(as anything printed by
method one must be currently in use on the screen) But with method two we
can just transfer the pdf and the teacher can approve it for printing.

Your opinions will be highly valued, and it will be final word for me to
proceed with my proposal.

As you can see I am a bit biased about approach two, but I will value your

Thank you

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri
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