[IAEP] 2 design proposals: home view, discoverable shortcuts

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> This is not a comprehensive response, but
> Edward Cherlin wrote:
> > activities must be available before they have been used,
> > meaning when they do not appear in the Journal.
> This is a front on which we have actually made some progress.  I believe
> it is already the case that any activity installed as a .xo bundle appears
> as such in the Journal, even if it has never been launched.  The next step
> is to make sure that all Activities appear as Journal entries, so that
> they are susceptible to the usual mechanisms for search, tagging,
> deletion, etc.. Throw in a special "create new instance" option on
> Activity journal entries, and we're functionally ready.

That is already what happens by default when you click them. There are still
open issues here - I think that packets are reinstalled overzealously, for
instance. But the biggest gap in this, IMO, is that people have never used
the journal as the primary way to create new instances, so the interface is
lacking. We need a "new" icon in the toolbar that sets filter to activities
only, and a "create new instance of this activity" member somewhere down in
the menu for each instance in the journal, and maybe other thought for this

By the way, this thread is all about my home view proposal. Should I start a
new thread about the keyboard shortcut proposal? I think it is less
creative/controversial - but still I'd like some +/- 1's.

Jameson Quinn
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