[IAEP] A recommend read.

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Mar 19 19:46:26 EDT 2009

Yesterday Tomeu and Ivan were discussing the work of Eric Von Hippel.
Eric's field of research is user driven innovation.

After reading Democratizing Innovation, I highly recommend it to
anyone inolved in Sugar Labs.  It ranks up there with the Starfish and
the Spider as valuable reads.

After getting over my knee jerk reaction of, 'Anyone can have a good
idea.  It is turning the idea into a reality that is the challenge.'
I have to say the book has several important points for Sugar Labs

One of the challenges we face for the next release is broadening the
community.  Ideally we would like engage activity authors who are
_not_ primarily developers.  We need to cross over so that teachers,
parents, and graphic artists feel comfortable.

Eric talks about how to identify and leverage the skills and knowledge
of lead-users.  I have been referring to this group as 'early
adopters'.  Lead-user is much more appropriate.  Democratizing
Innovation provide us with several other terms and concepts as we
reach out to those parents and teachers


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