[IAEP] Wiki reorganization proposal

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 10:45:53 EDT 2009

> I think the Team structure is serving us well and Fred Grose has been
> adding/updating the tags. Enabling better search by eliminating
> CamelCase is probably the most important single action we could have
> taken.

I agree that the team structure is great. The question is, subpages,
namespaces, or categories? I'd pick categories, for better chances for
navigation. It is also easier to search "uncategorized" and categorize them
than "not a subpage, and not this or that or the other special case".

It's not too late. I can make a bot. For this and for CamelCase.

> But the power is in the link. Link your pages to other pages. Link to
> your page from other pages.

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