[IAEP] DC Photo Jam 2 - New batch of photos of SoaS running onnetbooks

Kathy Pusztavari kathy at kathyandcalvin.com
Mon Mar 16 16:32:31 EDT 2009

Adorable.  You indeed picked the best of the bunch. 
This may have been answered somewhere else but I'm wondering if SoaS is
faster on other processors than on the XO1.  I find the XO to be terribly
slow.  Has it been tested on the Classmate 3 - if so, is it fast?


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Subject: [IAEP] DC Photo Jam 2 - New batch of photos of SoaS running

Following up on a request from Walter and Christian a couple weeks ago, I
finally got a photo session going this evening to capture some shots of SoaS
running on an Asus EeePC 701 and Intel Classmate 2--complete with child! An
added bonus was having Sasche Silbe come up on Chat on the Classmate 2 while
I was shooting, so I was able to cache some colorful Chat lines. The images
are high resolution, reproduction quality and set to CC. If you have any
problems retrieving from Flickr, let me know. If you are not a contact of
mine, I will have to "Friend" you to allow access to the high rez. 




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