[IAEP] FLOSS Manuals at Wintercamp

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 05:42:05 EDT 2009

Meet the members of FLOSS Manuals who came to Wintercamp in Amsterdam
two weeks ago at the invitation of Institute of Network Cultures. Each
of us says something about our individual parts of the FLOSS Manuals
documentation mission for Free/Libre Open Source Software, and its
applications and issues. (I talk about the Earth Treasury global
digital textbook initiative.)

Each one contributes something to the mix in
the meeting and in our incredibly productive Book Sprints--200 page
books from outline to Free (GPL) digital and paid print-on-demand
publication in five days, when you get the right mix of knowledgeable
and talented authors, editors, graphic artists, and production people
in a room together in a place with no cell phone coverage. Wintercamp
was an experiment in bringing networks together to work on their own
projects for a week and to link together at the same time.


You might also like to check out the Big Buck Bunny movie and other
productions of the BlenderFoundation and the Peach Open Movie Project,
published under Creative Commons license.
They were made entirely with Free Software, most notably Blender for
3D animation.


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And Children are my nation.
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