[IAEP] New sugarlabs website

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Mar 14 01:15:43 EDT 2009

David Farning wrote:
> When things settle down, I would like to get google analytic running
> for the static portion of the site to see how the click through and
> bounce rate compare with the wiki.

Please use our analytics account based on Google Apps for all
sugarlabs.org websites: UA-6267583-1 .

I guess Christian should do it, or it will be overwritten the next time
he updates the website.  In the future we should consider using better
collaborations tools, such an SCM, to let multiple people work on the
static web site.

>> I think as a rule we should make sure that any given page with a
>> number of related sub-pages has an index of sorts which exposes the
>> next-level-down to make browsing as natural as searching.  In other
>> words, every sub-page should have (at least) an incoming link from its
>> parent page, so the tree of all pages is connected in a browsable way.
>> (We get a link from the sub-page back to the parent page—all
>> ancestors, actually—for free.)
> Does anyone know how to do this in mediawiki?


I think the #1 issue with the wiki is not navigability, but clutter.
We're not helping the user by increasing it with adding 10 more links to
the 100+ we already have in every page.

I especially dislike the blue translation bar containing lots of weird
scripts.  People know to use Google Translate without every web site in
the world hinting them at it.

> Search is currently pretty nonfunctional because mediawiki can not
> search within words.  So we need to get rid of the CamelCase as soon
> as possiable:(

I will ask SJ what he did on wiki.laptop.org to improve upon it.

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