[IAEP] Call for images for upcoming Sugar Labs website

Christian Marc Schmidt christianmarc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 08:49:22 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

since we are expecting a large amount of press coverage starting
Monday (Sean has the details), I wanted to renew the below request for
authentic Sugar images. We are looking for any of the following images
for the static website:

(1) screenshots of Sugar showing how children are using specific
activities (see for example the attached Chat activity)

(2) images of Sugar installed on platforms other than the XO (Mike Lee
has offered to shoot a few of these, but if you know of any other
images please let me know)

(3) photos of children using Sugar on their laptops/computers in the
classroom/computer lab.

Thanks so much--please send any images you have to my address before Monday!

Also compelling would be testimonials/quotes by both children and
educators. If you have access to any such information, please send it
my way as well.


On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 5:08 PM, Christian Marc Schmidt
<christianmarc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Sugar community!
> We are currently working on launching a public-facing Sugar Labs website,
> and are in need of compelling imagery to engage visitors.
> In particular, we are looking for images of "authentic" Sugar activities
> that kids have worked on/are working on, either as direct screenshots, or as
> photographs of Sugar running on a device (XO laptop, Intel Classmate, etc.).
> The focus should ideally be on Sugar (not on the device, or the child using
> it). The idea is to show how Sugar is used/adapted by kids. I've attached an
> image of a chat activity by Uruguayan schoolchildren as an example for what
> we are looking for.
> In addition, please also forward any interesting Sugar-related photography
> you have access to, anything that would help an outsider understand the
> experience and benefits of using Sugar.
> Your help finding great, evocative images would be highly appreciated.
> Please send any images (highest res available, or a link) to me directly,
> at:
> anything at christianmarcschmidt.com
> Thanks,
> Christian

anything at christianmarcschmidt.com


917/ 575 0013

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