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I agree that thinking about how children learn for themselves, when  there is 
no teacher available is an very important part of world wide  learning.


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Hello Caroline,
Sorry I wasn't at the Education Meeting. By the time I figured out how to  
use Mozilla's Chatilla it was in the afternoon of the meeting day.
The site below is an experiment of students learning by themselves  because 
of the shortage of teachers in the rural parts of Sri Lanka.
_http://info..lk/shilpasayura/_ (http://info.lk/shilpasayura/) 
Shilpa Sayura CMS becomes a eLearning Environment
Submitted by niranjan on Mon, 09/11/2006 - 01:18.   
The Shilpa Sayura CMS was planned to build a multi language content  core. 
This was based upon e fusion's flagship CMS uniportal, which is  designed to 
manage multilingual content in Sinhala, Tamil and English  Unicode. 
As we continue the project, we found the rural students need  something more 
than a CMS. we researched many e Leaning environments,  and found moodle to be 
most powerful.  
However moodle had several differences to our concept for rural  community.
1. Too advanced - mostly intended for universities.
2.  Mandatory need of a Teacher to run courses
3. Lack of support for  moodle in Sri Lanka
4. Lack of content core and a testing  module
5. Lack of Sinhala Support 
We tested Uniportal CMS and Moodle with several teachers and  students, and 
surprisingly found that 
1. Students like total sinhala interfaces
2. They like simpler  technology
3. They like to learn them self 
Our options were to either modify Moodle or to create something of  our own. 
Considering the long term benefits that can be created though a  locally 
conceptualized system was identified. 
One major difference we made comparing to moodle like LMS is that  Shilpa 
Sayura is driven by the student through self and group learning  while moodle 
designed to be driven by Teacher. 
As shilpa sayura aims to reach rural communities where lack of  teachers are 
a major problem, and nenasala not having tutors for school  syllabus. Shilpa 
system has to be the teacher. 
We analyzed needs of rural students visiting Nenasala
1. Obtain  Educational Content for School home work
2. Learn extra expanding  knowledge
3. Test and prepare them selves for government exams
4.  Developing new skills not taught in school
5. communicating with  other students
6. Create local content for self use and for  sharing. 
This resulted our specification grow in software infrastructure.  Although 
content can be created on demand, the software infrastructure  is a key resource 
to be invested for the future. 
The Nenasala models range from 2 computers to 10 computers, we had to  scale 
the software architecture and operating environment to suit  implementing 
locations. Nenasala uses windows XP and special servers not  available. 
How ever in terms of concepts and scaleability we designed shilpa  sayura 
open to meet growing technologies and resources at Nenasala. The  system was 
designed to be open, easily modifiable and scalable. 
By now we have completed Shilpa Sayura Software System which is the  
infrastructure for Shilpa Sayura, It was to be CMS, our enthusiasim and  Researh made 
it a really good Self and Group Learning Enviorenment for  Rural Communities. 
Its 11the September 2006 today, on wedneday which is the day for  
communications (govened by planet mercury or budha) we officially  present Shilpa Sayura 
for Process Consultant / ICTA marking our second  mile stone the Shilpa Sayura 
Software - Local Self Learning Environment  for Rural communities. 
Shipa Sayura Software Team
Niranjan Meegammana
Tusitha  Randunuge
Saliya Randunuge
Chulani Padmathilaka
G.  Chamara
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