[IAEP] new XO-LiveCD

Kurt Gramlich kurt at skolelinux.de
Sun Mar 8 17:27:24 EDT 2009

Wolfgang has made a new version available:

Version 090308 of the XO-LiveCD is available for download from:



You can read the documentation in:



This release is based on the stable 8.2.1 OLPC build:


The XO_LiveCD/USB project provides a sugar desktop for a wide range of
Intel based PC hardware including netbooks.

The XO-LiveCD project is NOT a new (Fedora based) distribution like
SoaS (http://sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick)!

This project uses existing OLPC builds which are maintained to run on
XO-Hardware. To make these (unmodified) builds usable on generic PC
hardware we embed them into a runtime-environment which consists of a
recent generic Linux kernel, hardware detection, Xorg configurations
and additional startup scripts. The XO-LiveCD is designed to provide
an easy configurable Live-System regarding activity selections,
language support and installation of additional RPM packages.

There are various ways to run the XO live image:

  - boot it from CD 

  - create a USB pen, e.g. with "unetbootin" and use it for netbooks

  - install it on hard disc as an alternate operating system

Release Highlight:

  - many webcams, including most netbook cameras can now be used by
    activities.  Record provides now a lot more fun for children



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