[IAEP] Proposed agenda for tomorrow's IRC marketing meeting (1600 UTC): 0.84 launch preparations!

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 15:33:18 EST 2009

Hey everyone,

This will possibly be our last (or certainly second-to-last) meeting
before the 0.84 launch so I'd like to work on that high priority

I have cc'd the iaep list so we will all be on the same page.

We have a full plate prior to the launch so let's be efficient tomorrow ;-)

I propose the following agenda:

1) Make SL press-contactable
We still have no telephone(s) solution and this is getting hot. I am
currently looking at an answering service solution which can provide a
local dedicated phone number to voicemail in Boston or NYC with e-mail
alert for under $10 per month. Advantages: stable phone number and
cost, any phone message can reach several people so no single point of
failure. Disadvantage: journalists prefer speaking with humans instead
of recordings of humans. We do need a solution this week. Side issue,
but urgent: we need to be able to send the press releases (en, fr, es,
de, pt) from the pr at sugarlabs.org alias. How will that work?

2) 0.84 Marketing talking points.
What new features of the Sugar Learning Platform do we want to talk
about in the press release? Let's hit-parade them. Input please! My
feeling is to prefer talking up Activities over the platform, but
perhaps there is platform news we just can't keep to ourselves?

3) 0.84 Press release draft - how shall we handle?
I had been asked to do a brief on the fuzzy science of creating a
press release (distributing it and placing it is a separate subject!).
We need to start with the skeleton (letterhead, About Sugar Labs).
But, I'm not at all sure if we want to circulate actual title & draft
text prior to the launch. However, the goal of asking the translation
team for help requires some lead time - the sooner they have the text,
the better. Your point of view regarding this workflow is requested.

4) Launch countdown
It's not quite clear to me how we pick the magic date & time when the
release goes out, the final version is published, and hopefully
journalists take notice. If we can work out a coordination protocol
(e.g. Walter decides, or Simon decides the release date/time), we can
work together to the countdown. Let's work together on this.

5) Printable PDF brochure (was: elevator pitch for teachers)
The more I think about it, the more this resembles a condensed version
of text from the new static site. So I think we should put energy into
that over the next couple of days, and the PDF will come out on the
rebound in time for the launch.

6) Sugar Stories
Can we try to put together at least 3 and hopefully 5 stories about
Sugar contributors? Before we all nominate each other (joke) let's
think about how we can do this quickly. The goal being to encourage
prospective volunteers to the fun & satisfaction of working on Sugar.
maybe as simple as asking everyone to update their page on the wiki
with "Why I Contribute To Sugar"?

7) Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)
Update on where we are with ordering sticks, but we also need to
decide shipping address! Fabulous idea from Carol: include a SoaS USB
maker in Sugar & on the liveCD.

8) Other topics?



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