[IAEP] how should we relate with our competitors? (was Re: First competitor?)

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Mar 1 11:39:27 EST 2009

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
> I think that we should be establishing close contact with these groups
> of people that have some goals in common with us. Our market and the
> problems we try to solve are so vast, that there's more to win by
> working together than by ignoring the others or trying to "leave them
> behind".
> In many cases, the people deploying those competing environments will
> see a place where Sugar makes more sense for their users and may be
> interested to deploy it along, if we approach them in the correct way.
> To gain their interest, apart from the stronger points of Sugar
> itself, we have something very valuable: our localization community.
> Today, Sugar is translated to many languages that traditional software
> has never been translated to. We have language teams that are highly
> motivated by our educational goals and the prospect of improving
> education in their countries through technology.
> By offering this advantage to our "competitors", we not only improve
> their chances of meeting the same goals we have, but also grow our
> community and improve the visibility of the Sugar brand.
> Also, take into account that only a very small part of the Sugar
> platform is specific to Sugar itself. Most of it is shared with GNOME,
> Maemo, XFCE, etc. So if a competitor deploys XFCE on a slow MIPS-based
> netbook with little RAM and improves python, mozilla, gstreamer, gtk+
> to run better and use less resources, Sugar also benefits from those
> improvements.

I strongly agree with you.

Who would like to get in conctact?

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