[IAEP] Activities Under Emulation

Dr.-Ing. W. Rohrmoser mail at rohrmoser-engineering.de
Sun Mar 1 06:10:14 EST 2009

Hi Caryl,

I can give you answers regarding the XO-LiveCD. You can
find more documentation on:


please feel free to ask questions on  the mailing list

     livebackup-xo-cd at lists.laptop.org



> Hi All,
> I am working on a presentation I will be doing about OLPC and Sugar at a
> huge educator's conference in Palm Springs next week.  I realize I need
> some nitty-gritty type info about the current state of Sugar emulation on
> PCs and Macs.  Can anyone fill me in on the latest, most up-to-date answers
> to these questions?  Maybe Luke? Anyone else?
> Will the latest Live CD work with both PCs and Macs? (most educators prefer
> and have Macs)

yes, XO_LiveCD  will work on Macs as well as on PSs

> Will the latest SOAS work with both PCs and Macs?
> Regarding various Activities...which run best under emulation?

emulation is just an option, it will run on Hardware as a LiveCD / LiveUSB as 
well as in a virtual machine like virtualbox or others ..
> Will the following specific activities work under emulation:
> Record (on machines with built in cameras and mics)?
    no, camera will not work yet 

> Measure (on machines with built in mics)?
    yes, depends on hardware

> Distance (on machines with bluetooth)?
    bluetooth ??? I do not understand, because distance is an accustic 
distance measurement

> Write? Paint? EToys? Squeak?  TurtleArt? The TamTam suite of activities?

yes to all, there ar more than 50 activities included

> I have heard there is a way that other types of computers running under
> emulation can collaborate.  Has anyone tried this successfully.  What did
> you use and how did you do it? Was the neighborhood view and inviting
> collaborators enabled?

yes collaboration just works :)

> I'm sure I haven't thought of everything, but this will give me a start.
> Thanks,
> Caryl

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