[IAEP] Notes on Sugar on Virtual Box work session with a Math and Science teacher

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Thu Jun 25 19:54:31 EDT 2009

Hi Caroline,

On 25 Jun 2009, at 21:30, Caroline Meeks wrote:

> Notes on Sugar on Virtual Box
> I am working with Laura, a teacher from Maine teacher who wants to  
> use Sugar with her students who already have 1-1 Macbooks.
> Host F puts you into full screen mode.
> Host I toggles mouse integration
> Sugar works bes without mouse integration. Then you can get to the  
> frame.
> Doe anyone know how too create an icon that could be put in the doc  
> that would start up Virtual box with Sugar with minimal clicks?

VirtualBox didn't make it easy, but with some poking about and smidgen  
of AppleScript I came up with this (tested on OS X Leopard, but no  
reason to think it won't run with older releases). The AppleScript  
just runs one of the VirtualBox terminal commands to start a virtual  
machine, it tries to start a virtual machine with a specific name.

For it to work you MUST:

1) Have VirtualBox installed
2) Have an already working Sugar virtual machine image setup
3) Name your VirtualBox virtual machine "soas-strawberry" (with no  

This just a launcher for the virtual machine, so if you add it to your  
Dock you'll see 2 icons while the VM is running (the script with the  
"S" Sugar icon, and the VM icon), not sure there is much I can do  
about this. Clicking the "S" icon while the VM is already running will  
display a dialogue warning you the VM is already running.

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Double clicking the icon from you Finder's desktop works smoother, as  
I've set the launcher to quit as soon as the VM starts, so you're just  
left with the VM icon in the Dock, but I guess either way is more  
elegant than teaching folks to drive through the VirtualBox VM  
settings/launcher :-)

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Let me know if you have any feedback.


P.S. If your emailing/uploading this to others, make sure you provide  
it as a .zip (as per this email), otherwise the receiving Mac won't be  
able to treat it as an Application (would loose the pretty icon and  
won't run).

P.P.S. If you want to look, or adjust the actual AppleScript, just  
drag the icon onto the Script Editor application (I think you should  
have it by default in your Applications folder, in a folder called  

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