[IAEP] CUE Conference March 4-6, 2010 Call for Submissions

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Fri Jun 5 21:54:42 EDT 2009

Hi Adam, SJ, and Caroline, and everyone else on these 2 lists,

It is time to sign up for hands-on workshops at the CUE conference in Palm Springs, CA, March 4-6 next year.  I was thinking the best thing would be to have the CUELA laptop library in the Open Source "pavillion" where folks could play with the XOs and also someone there to help them download SoaS. This could be paired with a one-hour "concurrent session" about what new and exciting things are happening with OLPC  and Sugar in Southern CA.

A three hour workshop using SoaS on PCs (not Macs...I won't push my luck), would be another very good option.

Another option...Caroline, or any other educator, would you be interested in doing a 3 hour workshop with me if I also I did a one hour concurrent session? (They would not be concurrent with each other) I would already get a free registration for the one hour and you would get one for the 3 hour.  You would have to join CUE (Computer Using Educators...a grand old organization...been around and growing for 25+ years!) which costs $40 (registration costs $195  such a deal!).

Here is information from the call for submissions:

Concurrent Sessions (Deadline September 11, 2009)
Concurrent sessions are one-hour, lecture-style presentations that address all areas of the curriculum and appeal to a variety of teachers. Sessions may be given by a single speaker, team or panel who can address the needs of the novice user of educational technology as well as the more experienced professional.

Hands-On Workshops (Deadline June 8, 2009)
Hands-on workshops are three-hour presentations for 25-30 participants in either a Mac Lab or Windows Lab. Each registrant will have their own computer. Topics on specific software applications should also be curriculum related. Please specify all equipment and software applications required for the workshop. We are also interested in hands-on workshops for hand-held computers and digital cameras. Commercial or vendor-led workshops are not offered at CUE. Instead, we'd suggest that interested vendors sign up for a corporate room and plan your own sessions (see below for information).

What do you all think?  Any recommendations?  Any takers? If no one wants to submit a proposal for the 3 hour, I will do one about SoaS with a little backgrounder on OLPC's successes, especially the ones we hope to have up and running in SoCal by then. But, let me know asap as the deadline is next Monday (June 8)


Note: You will have to cover your own transportation, lodging and meal costs.
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