[IAEP] NYSCATE - Nov 2009 in Rochester NY

Stephen Jacobs sxjics at rit.edu
Mon Jun 1 10:16:20 EDT 2009

last time I talked to the NYSCATE folks I had a booth for the RIT game  
dept again this year.  Last year and this year I will be showcasing  
our OLPC efforts in that booth and am happy to use it to support the  
efforts in any way I can.
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On Jun 1, 2009, at 7:50 AM, "Karlie Robinson" <karlie_robinson at webpath.net 
 > wrote:

> Caroline Meeks wrote:
>> Hi Karlie,
>> Its looking like Rochester is going to be a hotbed of Sugar  
>> development.  We are hoping to co-locate a Sugar conference with  
>> Given that I think we should really go for it on in terms of  
>> presentations.  My thought is lets propose two hands on 3 hour  
>> workshops.  Using Sugar in the Elementary School Classroom and  
>> another specializing in Using Sugar in Math Instruction. Lets also  
>> sign up for a 1 hour lecture format session on Sugar.
>> Who else is going to be there? Is there someone from Math4 group  
>> who can be Presentor 1 for the Math Class?
> Of course I'll be in town and I've done a 50 minute presentation on  
> Math4 at Ithaca EdTech day and Bar Camp Rochester[1].  I was the one  
> who got everyone going on Math4 in Rochester (Fedora XO donation to  
> RIT and liaison work).
> We also have Steve Jacobs the RIT professor who ran with my  
> suggestion to teach Open Source development.
> And last but not least, Fred Grose who'll be overseeing the RIT Co- 
> ops this summer, Wiki Magician, and the guy who's been beyond  
> helpful filling in our knowledge gaps concerning OLPC and Sugar Labs.
> Steve and Fred were also the driving force behind an OLPC Grass  
> Roots group in Rochester.  I just happened to come to the first  
> meeting as a Fedora-OLPC SIG rep.  The rest is kismet.  (Rochester  
> NY is a hot bed for FOSS to begin with LUG of Rochester is one of  
> the oldest Linux User Groups in the world running continuously for  
> 15 years)

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