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Tuesday: July 28, 2009
GPA Notes

Walter: (Has the clock program on Turtle Art open as kids walk in) (Kids
notice the second hand, which was not there last week and react with
Walter: 3rd graders have been coming up with ideas for games. Today we are
going to work towards making our own games.
Kids: Oh that’s easy, what kind of games?
(Walter goes back to the clock and sets the alarm. Kids count down until the
alarm starts - the turtle goes around the clock in different colors)

Walter: Does anybody know where the continents are?
(Walter opens continents game in Turtle Art.)

Walter: Who knows where South America is?

(Kid comes up and clicks on it. South America turns orange)

Walter: Who knows what Eurasia is?

(Walter explains what it is and then asks a student to find it on the

(The students completed the game as a class. At the end of the game, a star
shows up on the map.)

Here is a link to a screen capture of the continents game:

Walter: Do you guys know any states?

(Kids play the states game by placing the turtle in different states. A
smiley face comes up at the end of the game.)

Here is a link to a screen capture of the states game:


Next, Kids played “Find the Gardner School” (Kid comes up and places turtle
at the school)

(Kid comes up and places the turtle on the Charles River)

(Kid comes up and places the turtle at the Harvard foot ball stadium)

(Kid comes up and places the turtle at the Breakfast Club)

(Kid comes up and places turtle at PETCO)

Here is a link to a screen capture of the Gardner School game:


Walter: Now you guys are going to create games using pictures from your trip
and maps. (Kids go to their computers and boot Sugar then return back to

Walter shares his Turtle Activity with the rest of the students. Walter
explains not to start Turtle Art from the home screen, rather the
neighborhood view.

Note: When opening Turtle Art from neighborhood view, not all the blocks
showed up on the kids’ computers. Walter was running a different version of
Turtle Art on his computer in which one of the blocks he used was not on the
kids’ version of Turtle Art. On Thursday we will probably have to
individually update Turtle Art on each of the student’s sticks.

The kids spent the rest of the time opening and experimenting with different
sample programs in Turtle Art. About half of the students actually tried
modifying numbers and blocks in the sample programs. The kids were thrilled
to open different sample programs and observe the different things one can
accomplish with Turtle Art.

There were two stick failures today:

 -Briana (Turtle Art remained on loading screen)

             -Natasha (would not go past Fedora screen)

Anurag Goel
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