[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.83.4 Development Release

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Jan 24 00:39:08 EST 2009

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> - Given the above, the word "Closes: " steals precious characters,
>>   and is rather easy to deduce, therefore I'd opt it out.
> It really makes better sense to me to not squeeze bug hints into that 
> first line at all, but instead include them in a later line of the 
> commit.
> Dropping the leading "Closes: " makes it harder to rely on for automated 
> bug closing. You might not care about that, but I must say that I find 
> that mechanism pretty cool on Debian.

If the "Closes:" line is going to be part of the long description,
then I totally agree we should use it.

I'd even propose the adoption the other conventional headers used by
the Linux kernel community:

 Signed-off-by: Random J. Hacker <rjh at example.org>
 Reviewed-by: Random J. Reader <rjr at example.org>
 Tested-by: Random J. Tester <rjt at example.org>
 Ack-by: Random J. Approver <rja at example.org>
 Cc: Random J. Developer <rjd at example.org>

The semantics are described here:


>> - To reduce clutter, I'd make the "SL" prefix implied, and leave
>>   other prefixes such as OLPC#123 and RH#456 explicit.
> You mean that you agree with my proposal of having "SL" _optional_ or 
> you mean that it must never be there?
> Imagine a future fork of Sugarlabs. Let's call it "Suguntu" to hint at 
> where I am going with this. Suguntu has their own bug tracking system, 
> and some Sugarlabs developers gets hired to work on both systems in 
> parallel. In the beginning Suguntu acts as downstram to Sugarlabs, but 
> over time some parts of Sugar then gets primarily maintained at Suguntu 
> so some changelog entries close Suguntu bugreports and not Sugarlabs 
> ones. I'd say it makes sense to allow "SL" as a hint, but just have it 
> be optional so that for packages only maintained upstream at Sugarlabs 
> there is no need to add it to eah and eery bug hint.

I meant it should have been optional, but if we switch to using the
"Closes: header in the body, where we have no size constraints, then
we could has well use the prefix consistently.

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