[IAEP] [OLPC library] bookreader at lists.laptop.org , collaborations with the gnubook project

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Fri Jan 23 17:55:52 EST 2009

> Dear all,
> We are working with the gnubook developers to help optimize it for
> reading books on the XO.

Back in November, the majority of the discussion in the OLPC Library 
list concerned what the OLPC did (plus descriptions thereof).

Since then, discussion has been much about __non-OLPC__ capabilities 
such as bookreader and gnubook.  From what I can gather, these are 
Web services (though suited for children's use) -- which I prefer to 
access from a display physically larger than what the OLPC provides.

What I have done for myself is install on my XO as many *programs* 
for ebook reading as I could find (FBReader, Adobe Reader, jbook 
reader, etc).  Plus I have an SD card in my XO to which I save the 
texts that I access with those programs.  Then I can use the XO for 
what it was designed for - to read books in places where there is 
*no* web connectivity.  If all you are discussing is "how to use a 
browser" -- then there is no specific need for an XO to be involved.


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