[IAEP] [overwhelming victory] grassroots campaign at OLPC-Sur

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Jan 15 13:35:40 EST 2009

The proposal has been passed with an overwhelming victory:


Yama has his first meeting in a few minutes with Rodrigo Arboleda, in
full representation of OLPC-Sur.

We are discussing further steps to community consolidation and
participation. Input is welcome.

Congratulations Yama, we welcome your initiative and put our full
support behind you.


2009/1/14 Sebastian Silva <sebastian at fuentelibre.org>:
> Fellow Grassroots Volunteers:
> A vote is going on *right now* regarding the following proposal, which
> I human-translated because I think its important. Also, some of you
> may be subscribers at OLPC-Sur and thus have received a ballot. I'll
> quote Yama on that one:
> "Please vote! If you haven't voted because you disagree, vote negative!
> If you think it does not correspond you, whether because you don't
> want to hear from OLPC anymore, or
> are a foreigner, or don't live in Latinamerica, plese, vote "abstention"!"
> The ballot has a subject that says:
> "CIVS Poll now available for voting: Definir OLPC Latinoamérica"
> Make sure it didnt go into your junk mail if you're subscribed.
> Here's the proposal:
> "To present a united front before Nicholas Negroponte and Rodrigo
> Arboleda to achieve   the participation of the OLPC Latin America
> Community in decisions affecting the work of OLPC in Latinamerica."
> "A clear position in favor of Free Software as an integral and
> exclusive part of this educational project."
> "I personally commit to support this position in the community,
> locally, nationally, in the Sur list, and other forums."
> "Provisionally, and until we the community can decide for an
> alternative, but in no event past the 28th of february of 2009, I
> support Yamandú Ploskonka acting as representative of the OLPC Latin
> America community for these ends. This nomination and other positions
> hereby indicated must be confirmed by majority vote of the latin
> american community at the Sur list."
> I urge you to vote. Let's not be monkeys.
> Sebastian
Sebastian Silva
Laboratorios FuenteLibre

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