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You raised a number of important issues and questions, and to me they are as 

The first is, what is the origin of the name Sugar that has its advantages 
and limitations.   Why Sugar?

The second is, are we’re stuck with the name and can’t (or won't) change it, 
even if there’s a better name?

The third is, does this ”learning for everyone as a natural, sweet 
experience" provide better and/or different results (whatever this means) versus current 
educational options be it the traditional in-class instruction or other 
online educational programs and software.

Number four is, are we limiting ourselves from bigger breakthroughs in 
education and learning?   While the initial focus is on young children of elementary 
school age, I believe the concept is that we will be developing multipurpose 
learning applications for people of all ages.

Lastly, what is still missing in my mind from the purposed slogans to date is 
a clear image of how people will use this learning.   Will the users 
(students, parents, communities) get what they want and need to achieve their desired 
outcomes both immediately and through their various stages of life?

Are we providing a process for the sake of learning itself or as a path and 
means and path to a better life?

Thus in my view, most of the slogans so far do not address the issue of user 
desired outcomes, such as the opportunity and means to live productive and 
fulfilling lives, especially for those disadvantages people who are our prime 
target users.   Then again does concept of user desired outcomes, important 
enough to address?

Thanks for your useful thoughts and exchange.

-dennis wong

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