[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] idea for Sugar slogan and name

Gabriel Eirea geirea at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 06:13:28 EST 2009

> Sugar: A playground for learning.
> When first seeing and/or hearing this slogan, what do you think will be the
> initial impression (pictures in people's minds) and reaction by the key
> constituents -- users (students at various ages and life stages), parents,
> teachers, community leaders, and foundations (and other sources of funds)?
> And are these first impressions and reactions, ones that we want?

I think this discussion leads naturally to the issue of the name
"Sugar" itself. I don't know the reasons for choosing that name and I
don't think it's realistic to change it now. The name "Sugar" suggests
to me the idea that traditionally learning has been a sour experience:
you don't like much going to school, you have quizzes and exams, your
fondest memories of school have to do with playing during the breaks
and so on. Then, Sugar transforms this sour experience into a sweet

I don't like the concept of a playground because I don't think Sugar
should be communicated as a "place". A place has boundaries which may
suggest safety but also control and limits. The concept of "play" is
inherent to learning in the broad sense, actually playing is the most
natural form of learning. This may be covered by the sweet concept.

The issue is learning for everyone as a natural, sweet experience.
Then, my suggestion would be something like:

"Sugar: learning is sweet."

Best regards,


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