[IAEP] Yes, but who is in charge

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Tue Jan 13 07:52:12 EST 2009

Yesterday, XOCamp went really well!  It was a nice mix of informal
conversations and formal talks.

On the informal side, "How do we retain that skills and knowledge of
OLPC alumni?" which was led and attended by alumni was in my mind
worth the cost and effort of the XOcamp.

On the formal side OLENepal presented a very customer centric talk
that was both entertaining and informative.

As we continue again today,  please feel free to come and go as you
please.  Attend the formal session, attend an informal session, hold a
hack fest....

Yes, but who is in charge?  _YOU_ are.  We are united by our common
mission, vision, and values.  We will not agree on everything. In fact
some of us don't agree on much:)

The only things we must agree on are: mutual respect for one another
and our users, and a common release cycle.  The rest will work out.


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