[IAEP] [ANNOUNCE] XO-LiveCD Version 090110

wolfgang at rohrmoser-engineering.de wolfgang at rohrmoser-engineering.de
Sat Jan 10 13:37:55 EST 2009

Version 090110 of the XO-LiveCD is available for download from:


This release is still based on the stable 8.2 build:


but has significant improvements for the Live-System runtime environment:

  - A new Content/ directory tree improves the selection of
    activities, content collections and language packs as well as 
    selection of additional RPM packages

  - There is a new preconfigured home/olpc directory tree packed as
    The current version contains more than 50 activities ...

  - Improved hardware detection and additional boot options especially
    to get more graphic cards working

  - Updated documentation, the topics "how to create a bootable USB Pen"
    and "how to install the Live-System on hard disc" have been improved

Further information is available in the PDF document:


For discussion and feedback we invite you to join the mailing list:



              Wolfgang Rohrmoser

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