[IAEP] Aiban's thoughts on SL funding/bounties

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Jan 9 11:21:52 EST 2009

There was a comment on my blog post I thought folks might be interested 
in (from http://blog.melchua.com/2009/01/08/melavailabilityfree/).

SLOBS might need to do the first, as I imagine #1 would involve The 
Legal Paperwork Stuff, but #2 and #3 can be community, for sure.



Good for you. But no need to limit this new opportunity to exclusively a 
voluntary role. For people like me, it is now easier to determine where 
my OLPC related donations and mindshare should go to in order to support 

Some ideas:
1) Sugarlabs should create a way to become a supporting “member.” One 
time donations are great, but harder to budget payroll on for an 
enthusiastic team of developers. Plus, it gives donors bragging rights 
when they pull out their “membership card” to show their buddies.

2) How about an activity bounties page? I know some people who would be 
more than happy to put a bounty on for improvements on the video chat 

3) OLPC will happen, and very soon, but probably not through the XO 
brand (at least not exclusively). OSS and cheap hardware will be key to 
this, and it will not be limited to 3rd world countries. Seems like a 
nice niche for consulting. I know who I would NOT be calling if I happen 
to be sponsoring a school to establish OSS based learning. Let the world 
know you are available and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, I strongly believe that history will show this is all for the 
better for all of us. Cheers!

By Aibun on Jan 8, 2009 | Edit

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