[IAEP] TurtleArt update

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:33:57 EST 2009

I've created a new version of Turtle Art I'd like some feedback on
before I make it an official release. There are three significant

(1) I folded in the Turtle Art with Sensors panel so that you can use
volume, pitch, etc. as inputs to the turtle. (It works on non-OLPC-XO
hardware, but you cannot use the voltage and resistance inputs.)
(2) I added (with help from Luis Michelena) some new box and stack
blocks that let you name variables and procedures.
(3) I added push and pop (currently enabled only in the English
version). This is in response to requests to be able to pass arguments
into stacks. I thought it a simple, powerful mechanism, although I
expect it may be controversial.


Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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