[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] Flash at Sugar Labs

Wade Brainerd wadetb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 13:27:17 EST 2009

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 12:07 PM, Benjamin M. Schwartz
<bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Wade Brainerd wrote:
>> I think the template should be built into and supported by the Sugar
>> dev team, rather than something that has to be copied around.
> I strongly disagree.  We should send the clearest possible message that SWF,
> a language with no good free spec and no good free interpreter, is not
> recommended, even if it is supported.  Software Freedom is a key part of the
> Sugar labs mission, both officially and in fact.

When the primary mission - educating the world's least served children
- comes into conflict with Software Freedom, which one wins?  How do
you explain that to the deployments?

Anyway, this is such a gray area to be taking a stand in.   We are
just talking about shipping and supporting a 200 line
Gnash-based-activity launcher script, which can also launch Adobe if
it happens to be installed.


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