[IAEP] How to Make Activity Designers Happy , Parts I and II

Carol Farlow Lerche cafl at msbit.com
Fri Jan 2 13:03:13 EST 2009

Bryan, as usual, brings up great suggestions that require stepping outside
of our preconceptions.

Regarding Wade's comment, I have just provisioned an XO with "Teapot's
Intrepid Ibex" as popularized at olpcnews (beautiful package, btw).  It
comes with "tubewatcher", a script using clive to download a youtube whose
link is on the clipboard and then played with mplayer where the parameters
have been adjusted to play succussfully on the XO hardware.  Might this be a
start toward an approach for a similar sugarized activity on the XO?  (I
realize this is only the video part.  Perhaps an analogous approach to use
existing FLOSS tools to optimize the client side for swf, together with a
coherent document specifying the constraints the developer ought to


On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Wade Brainerd <wadetb at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think Bryan's idea is wonderfully practical.  What's more, it sounds easy
> to achieve.  You just need a 'swf-activity' launcher, and a script to
> sugarize .SWF files into .xo bundles which launch as fullscreen activities.
> Building it around Browse is probably a bad idea (re: the .xol
> suggestion).  What's the point of loading up Firefox just to play a SWF
> file?
> There is still a place for PyGTK.  If you want the "real" Sugar, e.g.
> collaboration, Journal interaction, the visual theme, etc. stick with
> PyGTK.  If you want a simple Pashto grammar activity and have Flash
> programmers at your disposal, use Flash.
> -Wade
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