[IAEP] Adults and Sugar

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 15:17:23 EST 2009

Caryl Bigenho writes:

> One man sat in front of the XO for several minutes with a puzzled
> look on his face.  Finally he asked, "Where is your file manager?"
> I explained that he needed to forget everything he knew about
> computers and just pretend he was a child again.  He got up in
> disgust and left.

He asked a simple question and you blew him off. Adults use
communication to avoid wasting time.

Had you tried to explain, you might have gotten better feedback.
Of course, then you need to avoid being dismissive of the feedback.

> Meanwhile, nearby, a little boy, about 8-years-old was happily
> exploring Sugar.

I'm sure he was, but "exploring" is not the same thing as being

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