[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.84 Release Candidate 2 (0.83.6)

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Mon Feb 23 16:46:31 EST 2009

Simon Schampijer wrote:
> Dear Sugar Community,
> this is Release Candidate 2 for the upcoming 0.84 Release - see the [1] 
> for more details. Only one more week to go in this release cycle. Please 
> test this release and report all the bugs you find that we are able to 
> fix them in time. A friendly BugSquad [2] will be available to triage 
> those bugs accordingly and the developers can never have enough bug 
> food. If you have non-bug feedback about features you can use the 
> sugar-devel mailing list to share it with us.
>  From a user point of view we want to highlight the following changes 
> that have been made:
> === Resume by Default ===
> Resume by default is now the way we handle activity startup. The option 
> in the Favourites View palette has been removed completely. You can 
> still start a new instance using the 'Start' option in the Activity palette.
> === View Source ===
> There has been some refinements to the View Source dialog. You can 
> access it from the Activity palette in the Frame or by using 
> 'Shift+Alt+V' directly.
> The coloured activity icon represents the source of the activity 
> instance. The outlined activity icon represent the bundle source for the 
> activity itself, the template. We use this to help draw a distinction 
> between the "activity instance" and the "activity bundle"
> Using the uncoloured outline to represent the bundle vs the coloured 
> icon to represent an instance has been the design cue all along.
> === File transfer ===
> We make use of the files new file transfer files now.
> === Read ===
> Morgan fixed an error that was introduced due to changes in Evince.
> === Browse ===
> Martin Langhoff has been adding functionality to authenticate with the 
> Schoolserver. When registered with the server an HTTP Cookie is created 
> to ease the use of services on the Schoolserver in future sessions. 
> Thanks to Daniel Drake Browse propagates the current locale now. This 
> helps to use web services and pages in your mother language. Try it out 
> with the [http://addons.sugarlabs.org/ addons] page for example.

I want to annotate that we have as well a new version of the Log [1] 
activity and TurtleArt [2]. Sorry for let those slipping through. Please 
make sure to package them as well.




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