[IAEP] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.84 Release Candidate 1 (0.83.5)

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Tue Feb 17 03:28:40 EST 2009

(I cc'd the sugarlabs lists for repliers but am not on them.)

Simon Schampijer wrote:
> Dear Sugar Community,
> This is Release Candidate 1 for the upcoming 0.84 Release - see [1] for 
> more details. Only two more weeks to go in this release cycle. Please 
> test this release

How?  I have an XO-1 with developer key.  Back in January Gary C Martin 
wrote in "Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose 0.83.4 Development Release" ,
> FWIW: I've been reasonably successfully running joyride 2631 on an XO
> for a few days now, and it seems to have all the 0.83.4 Sugar
> feature freeze changes in.

but the latest joyride (build 2654 dated 2009-02-14 -- Valentine's day 
:-) ) hasn't got these newer Sugar packages, see 

Maybe that's to be expected since Daniel Drake wrote in "Re: joyride, 
staging builds, sugar releases":
> [Joyrides =>] Obsolete, but not really obsoleted by anything usable *yet*.

Should I just bunzip/untar the newer sugar packages on my XO?  I 
couldn't find any guide to doing this on sugarlabs.org (surely there 
must be one!?), and are there permission-security-/versions/pristine 
issues unique to the XO in doing this?  And are the sugar packages 
compatible with joyride or with the 8.2.1 candidate-800 build, or both?

NN said in the *very* interesting 
http://blog.laptop.org/2009/02/05/q-a-from-xo-camp/ :
> OLPC will move to a Linux desktop that will run Sugar as an application
So should I ignore OLPC's OS images and instead try one of the XO Linux 
distributions that includes Sugar?  I looked around and couldn't figure 
out whether Fedora rawhide still has problems on XO, whether DebXO has 
Sucrose 0.84, etc.  Marco Pesenti Gritti announced "Fwd: Another Soas 
image for the XO", but the latest image at 
http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/xoimages/  predates this Sucrose release.

Daniel Drake went on to say
> As for the future, the hope is that we will have a 
> similarly-functional OS that includes the latest version of sugar 
> asap. OLPC is working with Fedora on this, and while I suspect that 
> the end result will be pushed as a "reference OS" by OLPC, there are 
> also some other efforts ..., including debXO, and a possibility of
> the community taking the 8.2 OS release and adding sugar-0.84 and
> some other things as an intermediate step before the pure-Fedora
> builds are suitable replacements. However, I personally think that
> all of these efforts are 6-12 months away (at least) from producing
> something adoptable by deployments.

But there's a mismatch between sugarlabs' "only two more weeks to go in 
this release cycle. Please test" and OLPC's "6-12 months away".

Thanks for any suggestions.
(Normally this is where I pledge to update wiki.laptop.org with whatever 
people say, but if joyride is obsolete and 9.1.0 is dead,  then a lot of 
pages on the wiki are misleading and I'm not sure where to start.)

=S Page
P.S. belated Valentine's day: XO-1 <3 XOXO  @}-`-,--

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