[IAEP] heads up - Indian PC?

Shikhar shikhar at schmizz.net
Mon Feb 2 21:06:52 EST 2009


"Early reports of the cheap laptop suggested that it would cost only 500 
rupees (£7). However, this could be a mistranslation, because 
transcripts of the speech, in which it was unveiled, mentioned it 
costing $10 (£7) but this was later corrected to $100 (£70)."

On 01/31/2009 03:16 PM, alan c wrote:
> Item:
> India to unveil laptop costing Rs500
> http://internationalreporter.com/News-4455/india-to-unveil-laptop-costing-rs500.html
> 'January 31, 2009 - With Tata Motor's coming out with the low-cost
> Nano car, a group of Indian students are coming out with a laptop for
> Rs500 ($10), cheaper than most pocket calculators, which can be used
> globally for educational purposes and revolutionaries the computer
> market in developing countries.....'

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