[IAEP] SoaS as a Sugar Labs project.

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Tue Aug 25 21:47:58 EDT 2009


Your reply just made my evening, and even more amusingly, I now think that we
may both be right.



(In what ways are we both right, you ask? Very well:

You're right that some real progress has been made -- you've assembled quite a
list of Gregorio-approved features about which Things Have Been Done, which, it
seems to me, might prove to be very useful to have around when when trying to
start conversations with existing XO deployments...

but, unfortunately, I'm now reassured that I'm right that most of the really
big interesting Sugar-defining stuff like networking, collaboration,
hackability, customizablility, performance, simplicity, security, etc. was
delightfully labeled as either "wet string" or "pass". :)

Are we in agreement now?

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