[IAEP] SoaS as a Sugar Labs project.

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Mon Aug 24 13:50:25 EDT 2009

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, David Farning wrote:

>>> As such, I would like to propose that Sugar Labs create a separate
>>> category of initiatives, such as SoaS, called projects.  The idea is
>>> based on apachs' and eclipses' effective use of projects.
>>> The premise behind 'projects' is that initiatives such as SoaS are
>>> vital to the overall success of the ecosystem.  Yet, they are in
>>> several ways autonomous to the Learning Platform.
>> Sounds like a very good idea, +1.
>> Should we also identify a Project Leader for each project like we heave 
>> done for teams?  I'm more concerned with the possibility of a project 
>> stalling without any clear leader than the case where leadership is 
>> being disputed among multiple individuals.
> Eclipse and Apache both have criteria for becoming a official
> projects.  In fact, they have a several step incubator processes to
> help sub-project grow (or die grace fully.)  This strikes me as a
> little heavy for Sugar Lab right now.

Fedora aims for a lightweight compromises:

* Special Interest Group
   + Can be created by anyone
   + One leader (i.e. the person who requests the mailing list)
   + No governance expected or required
   + No accountability in particular
   + Can apply for Project status as it grows

* Project
   + Usually starts as a SIG and is, at some point, blessed by the Board
   + Full governance
   + Weekly meetings and minutes mandated
   + Expected outcomes
   + Accountability to the Board

To me, frankly, SoaS looks less like a SIG and more like a Project at this 
point in its lifecycle.

>> Until we observe the latter situation in practice, we could probably 
>> live without an election process.  Our time would be better spent 
>> writing a policy that would encourage Project Leaders to report their 
>> progress regularly (perhaps weekly) and step down responsibly when they 
>> no longer have the time and motivation to lead properly.
> Bernie, would you be interested in creating the project policy for
> Sugar Labs?  There is a very good page at
> http://wiki.eclipse.org/Development_Resources . The 'Leads: Managing A
> Project' and guidelines sections are very valuable.
> If I were to work on the policy I would:
> 1. Take the Eclipse and Apache policies and strip them down to the bare minum.
> 2. Combine the Eclipse and Apache policies and modify them for Sugar Labs.
> 3. Identify two initial projects and make sure the policies work for
> both of them.
> 4. Present the project policy for feedback on iaep.
> 5. Post the draft policy to the wiki
> Something as significant as a project-policy will likely take several
> iterations through 1-5.

I would avoid elections for as long as possible.  Vote with your work. 
The one exception should be the Board itself, which should use its power 
to appoint very liberally.  My $0.02.


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